Because We Care
Our world-class team of agile developers, product managers, and designers works alongside you to build and deploy software differently than you have before. In the process, you become enabled to do this work self-sufficiently in the future. Your team learns cutting-edge technology and best practices the best way possible: by doing it. The knowledge you absorb while working with East Agile is just as valuable as the finished project itself.
Best Engineering Practices at East Agile →
Full Stack Engineering for Balanced Teams
We hear frequently from prospective clients that it takes forever to release new features, that users aren't adopting products, and that finished work hasn't met their expectations. Our response to these widespread issues is what we call “balanced teams” which can build truly exceptional products. Balanced teams are small groups that bring varied skills to the table and focus on collaboration, consistent communication, and transparency in working toward a shared goal: a great product.
We provide the practices you need to innovate with excellence
Our approach unifies development, analytics, and product management to create exceptional products. Our engineers provide you with expertise in these three key areas, in addition to strategic business advice and planning.
eXtreme Programming
Building working software at a consistent speed and quality in the face of changing requirements.
Paired Programming
Test-Driven Development
Short Iterations
Continuous Integration / Deployment
Scalable Analytics
We build data infrastructure and systems for advanced inference, prediction, forecasting and output generation.
Data Engineering
Machine Learning (ML)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Large Language Models (LLMs)
GPT-2, GPT-3, ChatGPT
Low Risk Engineering at a consistent speed & quality while comfortably changing direction.
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition
Lean experiments
Identify & test assumptions
Data driven decisions
How East Agile Operates
We have a stand-up every afternoon to share experience among projects as well as the problems being encountered. This is a good chance for our engineers to ask for technical advice, solutions and/or alternatives to a dead end solution.
The product owner work with the team to clarify requirements and ensure consistency throughout the project. We break up our development objectives into discrete user stories and features and record them in Pivotal Tracker. Everything is transparent to our clients throughout the whole development process.
Iterative Development
We develop applications in repeated iterations that last about a week. We avoid deployments before non-work days so problems can be addressed during regular working hours. The key decision for the Product Owner is to decide what adds the greatest immediate business value. The engineering team might identify what will be the most challenging, what has the greatest engineering risk, and propose that that be done first, or soon, and definitely not last.
The team meets daily to identify problems and figure out solutions to those problem, which leads to iterative development. Our engineering team also have an iteration call with the client every week to review what have been completed and plan what needs to be done in the next iteration.
Test-Driven Development
Our engineers build tests before and during their software development process. Automated and continuous testing allows us to regularly add new features to an application, even in production without much increase in difficulty, cost and effort. Our test coverage validates between 80% to 100% of the features and capabilities coded for an application.
Paired Programming
Developers collaborate in teams of two on one workstation where one focuses on writing the code while the other validates each line of code also considering the “strategic” direction of the work, coming up with ideas for improvements and likely future problems to address. This frees the other to focus on the “tactical” aspects of completing future task.
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