Nvoi App Success Story
Needed Flexible Engineers with high Engineering standards

Nvoi is Australia’s only open market workforce-as-a-service platform that directly connects employers and skilled professionals, eliminating the friction points in contract workforce management.

Our platform ensures low predictable costs, is performance based, easy to use, available 24/7, and provides freedom from administration.

Unlike the traditional contract workforce management systems, Nvoi is the employer of record, providing instant engagement between hiring managers and rated skilled professionals, and automated back office processing at an affordable price.

Nvoi’s dual purpose provides value to Employers while giving Employees the job satisfaction they crave.

For Businesses: Nvoi gives employers a way to quickly fill vacancies with qualified, verified and rated professionals, at a fraction of the time, cost and hassle of existing processes.

For Individuals: Nvoi empowers individuals to control their careers, monetise their skills, work flexibly and create fulfilling careers all within our easy-to-use 24/7 platform.

Solutions that we implemented

Confident & Forward Thinking:
Acting as trusted professionals, we take the time to listen and are confident in our ability to deliver real value. We look beyond the status quo to develop innovative solutions that solve the problems of tomorrow.

Inspiring & Caring:
We understand that true leaders motivate those around them through personal encouragement as well as supportive actions. Great work happens when great people work together. We improve people’s future by enabling a better way to work.

Courageous & Straightforward:
In a rapidly evolving market, we will lead the way by forging new solutions with conviction and resilience, even in the face of resistance. We embrace the hard decisions and discussions that come with bold ideas, and are up for the challenge.

Through both actions and words, we will treat all our stakeholders with honesty, respect and professionalism. We are accountable for our decisions and take ownership of results by doing what we say we are going to do – at speed.

Our Contribution
43 Months
May 2016 - December 2019
Software Engineers
5 Stack Used
Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, ReactJS, PostgreSQL
1-1.5 Million
Final Product

To directly connect people in an evolving market by using innovative technology to rapidly match specialist skills with business needs. In doing so, we give hiring managers a competitive advantage and build fulfilling careers for skilled contractors.