MySamsung Success Story
Needed Flexible Engineers with high Engineering standards

Samsung had partnered up with multiple third-party companies that worked towards a combined engineering effort. This unfortunately, resulted in Operational issues where multiple parties were located in different timezones, using different systems with inconsistent expertise in technical operations. Samsung operates in a fast-paced environment and needs to be able to constantly shift directions from the board of directors

Solutions that we implemented

Assisted with building a solid code base that implemented Test Driven Development during the engineering process to ensure quality.
Used Native Technology and code architecture in order to build one Universal product for two different Apps in order to save time and reduce costs while maintaining standards.


About 12 engineers have worked on this projects. Their tenure at East Agile variates between 4 - 12 years. Having them working as pairs allowed us to ensure a decrease the overall engineering risk by 15%. They had an average test coverage of 95% throughout the whole development cycle.

Our Contribution
5 Months
May 2016 - October 2016
Software Engineers
3 Stack Used
Android Java, Ruby on Rails API & AngularJs.
1-1.5 Million
Final Product
  • MySamsung App for Android & iOS.
  • Back-end for managing and generating data reports.