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Frequently Asked Questions 11


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 23 Feb 2010 at 03:25


What is your experience with AJAX? What are your preferred frameworks? Can you provide any URLs for examples of your work?

We have a lot of experience using AJAX with a variety of frameworks and libraries ranging from Prototype, Yahoo UI to jQuery. A recent example of our work with AJAX can be found at: http://knowmyfood.com.

  1. Alex - Apr 09 2010

    @Zerone said "And if you get bore with AJAX -> stop developing web application until there is sth new invented" yes, it is XMPP, gmail and googlewave use this protocol, you should read about XMPP, did you think gmail and googlewave has been implemented by AJAX? :P Cheers

  2. Zerone - Mar 23 2010

    @Alex : first of all - prototype does not suck. I hate those script kiddo these day have no properly knowledge of JavaScript at all, fail to implement his shining favor toggle button and push all the mistake parts on framework/libraries ( ;) well honestly I duno those stuffs should call but I'm a bit more to the side of libraries than framework since it seem does not rite to me since use the phrase of framework for prototype.js ... ) secondly there is nothing wrong with the habit of using eval for JavaScript return in the chump of AJAX ... it takes less effort to compile that pieces of js to the DOM. Of course when the JS would be so complicated there are a lot of different approaches such as try to append the new script tag to header or blah blah and blah ... So basically your skill and knowledge is the basic, framework/libs are invented to save your time/brain cells of a set/single of particular tasks. And if you get bore with AJAX -> stop developing web application until there is sth new invented.

  3. Alex - Mar 20 2010

    I have used extjs and jquery to making ajax request. Most of new browsers support native GET/POST/PUT/DELETE method (I love RESTful :D), Prototype sucks ,,, Most of developer often do "eval" the ajax response which contains javascript... hmmm, it is not a good habit... I'd rather like JSON/HTML response. I'm boring with AJAX, currently I am working with XMPP, I love long-polling request than asking the server periodically, I love rails, twitter api,social media... It's midnight, time to go to bed, sorry for spoiling your blog. Cheers.

  4. Stranger - Dec 31 2009

    Prototype, YUI or jQuery are Javascript LIBRARIES, not FRAMEWORKS. Reconsider your knowledge :))

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