Wed Apr 17, 1996 3:54 am EDT


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 27 Jan 2012 at 07:53

I was surpised to read in an old mail (below) how little this vision has changed since 1996. The company name has changed. We've found Vietnam works far better than India today. But we still have the vision of bringing specialists together to work collaboratively on projects, and our focus on small companies and individuals.

What has changed is that we now radically tranform the effectiveness of outsourcing and offshore development by exceptional adherence to Agile Development Methods, includingeXtreme Programming and elements of Scrum. After a long search, these methods are the magic ingredient that makes offshore work when, where in the past it has failed, especially for small entrepreneurial ventures. All of this is new stuff. But it comes as part of a long and relentless effort...