Jessica Mah makes cover of Inc.


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 18 Aug 2015 at 05:56

Indinero has been a client of ours for several years. I'm proud to note that their CEO, Jessica Mah, has made the cover of Inc Magazine. 

Jessica on the cover.


Jessica Mah and her co-founder, Andy Su, with two of their East Agile engineers in the East Agile office in Vietnam.


East Agile client ToutApp Raises $15 million


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 03 Mar 2015 at 15:23

In 2011,Toutapp hired East Agile to help with software development. Like many of our clients, they have done well. In 2013, they raised $920,000 from Dave McClure's 500startups.  Today, an announcement went out that they have raised a Series B let by Andreessen Horowitz for another $15 million dollars. See

Client inDinero raised $7 million in new funding


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 19 Feb 2015 at 16:49

On February 18th, 2015, inDinero, our longtime client raised another $7 million in new funding as reported in Techcrunch. So far they have raised about $10 milllion. At one point things got tough and they had to lay off all of their staff. But we've supported them through thick and thin over the years.


Client Raises $1.5 Million Cloud-Based Video Monitoring Platform (TechCrunch)


Posted by Anonymous on 26 Jan 2011 at 15:38

Our friend and client Adam Beguelin founded; East Agile developed the original version.

This TechCrunch coverage attests to sensr's recent success:

Buzz: East Agile in Vietnam


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 18 Dec 2010 at 14:34

"East Agile ...has retained its firm commitment to pair programming and a rigorous application of Agile process ...counting among its clients ...and"

Buzz: Twitter, Pivotal Labs, East Agile


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 18 Dec 2010 at 14:25

Twitter Now Has 300 Employees

"Agreed. Pretty small team compared to their online footprint and buzz.

I assume that outsource some of their work to outside firms. Anyone know how much? I recall Pivotal Labs and East Agile did some dev work for them. "

Wreath Thief Captured by


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 27 Dec 2009 at 14:04

I'm pleased to see making a difference. Over the holidays, it helped one user capture video of someone stealing a wreath from their door. We hope the guy gets caught because that is such a lowlife thing to do.

We spent many hundreds of hours helping Adam Beguelin create from its inception early this year. We think it is very cool, and love to see it at work. Adam writes about this more on his blog.

Twitter becomes client


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 04 Feb 2009 at 06:16

Twitter became a client of ours this month.

Naturally, I am extremely proud of this association. I believe our quality and transparency oriented agile development process, and our reasonable rates were important factors in their choice. I think it also helps that we are quite compatible with the methodologies of Pivotal Labs, which has also worked very successfully with Twitter.