East Agile Extreme Programming


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 02 Dec 2008 at 02:59

At Barcamp Saigon last weekend, we presented our eXtreme Programming (XP) approach at the Barcamp technology conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We follow a pure approach to XP:

(1) Code review, collaboration, and teamwork are good. So we do them continuously by pair programming. Our developers work in pairs, with two mice, keyboards and monitors connected to the same machine, allowing a constant exchange of ideas throughout each day.

(2) Testing by developers is good. So we do testing continuously through test driven development (TDD).  Before we write any code, we first write tests that define what it should do. As we expand and refactor our code, we expand and refactor its associated tests.

(3) Responsiveness to clients, starting sooner and going live quickly are good....

Barcamp Saigon


Posted by Lawrence Sinclair on 14 Oct 2008 at 22:40

We are founding participants for the first real barcamp in Vietnam. Barcamp Saigon will be held in Ho Chi Minh City on November 15th, 2008. See the official barcamp wiki for the latest information: barcamp.org/BarCampSaigon