Why Agile Works For Your Project?


Posted by Anonymous on 04 Oct 2019 at 08:09


In a previous post, we discussed a number of differences between Agile and Waterfall in software development projects. In this article, we would like to expand upon the benefits of Agile by demonstrating how we apply Agile practices at East Agile and how they benefit our clients

The core engineering practices at East Agile are (1) Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD), (2) pair programming, and (3) Iterative Development. These are explained in detail below. 

1. Test-driven Development/ Behavior-Driven Development

Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) represent a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle: first the developer writes an (initially failing)...

iOS testing frameworks and Appurify


Posted by Anonymous on 23 Sep 2013 at 17:17

Recently, I had a chance to experience some parts in the world of iOS testing. This post is my opinion on various testing frameworks, and the promising, powerful testing and debugging platform - Appurify.
- KIF: tests are written in Objective-C and divided into three "levels": Test Controller, Test Scenarios and Test Steps. Nice structure -- but we will have to create more files. KIF aims to directly manipulate the app and attempts to imitate actual user input. The limitation for that is KIF can not handle system views such as in-app purchase popups, which are outside of the app's scope.
- Subliminal: tests are based on UIAutomation while being written entirely in Objective-C. It was created to solve the problems KIF left - handling system scope views....